Course Schedule

“Be ready to pivot.”— UMW admin

All readings should be done before class on the day they are assigned. Bring the assigned texts to class. “K” indicates the anthology of poetry edited by Kendall; “T” indicates the anthology of stories edited by Tate. Readings marked “pdf” and linked online readings are in the weekly modules on Canvas.


T Jan 11                       Boring and Overwhelming Introductions

Th Jan 13                     Grayzel, “Introduction: The First World War and the Making of a Modern, Global Conflict” (pdf); view the animated map “Europe Plunges into War” (Written commentary is available at the end of the short video)

                                    mns lecture: A Grossly Reductive Introduction to the Great War

Everyone should choose a Reading Questions date/work by midnight on 1/13
(links in Canvas)

Week 2

T Jan 18                       Remarque, All Quiet on the Western Front, chapters 1-5 (1-98); view Trench Warfare and Gas Warfare

Everyone should choose a Special Mission by midnight on 1/18
(links in Canvas)

Th Jan 20                     Remarque chapters 6-8 (99-198)

Week 3

T Jan 25                       Remarque chapters 9-12 (199-296); view Shell Shock

Th Jan 27                     Smith, Not So Quiet, chapters I-III (1-74); view Women in World War One

Friday, Jan 28 by midnight: Special Mission for Smith due

Week 4

T Feb 1                        Smith chapters IV-VII (75-161)

Th Feb 3                      Smith chapters VIII-XII (162-239)
Remarque essay due by midnight

Week 5

T Feb 8                        Hall, “Miss Ogilvy Finds Herself” (T 125-140); Aldington, “The Case of Lieutenant Hall” (T 77-91); Barrie, “The New Word” (T 225-240); Machen, “The Bowmen” (T 252-54)

Th Feb 10                    Sassoon, all selections (K 85-101)

Sunday, Feb 13 by midnight: Special Mission for Hemingway due

Week 6

T Feb 15                      Hemingway, A Farewell to Arms, Part I (1-78); Smith essay due by midnight

Th Feb 17                    Hemingway Part II (79-159)

Week 7

T Feb 22                      Hemingway Part III (160-233)

Th Feb 24                    Hemingway Parts IV and V (234-332)

Week 8                        Spring Break

Website, Podcast, Instagram and Film Special Missions due no later than midnight Sunday, February 27

Week 9

T Mar 8                       Borden, The Forbidden Zone, 1-32; Hemingway essay due by midnight

Wednesday, March 9 by midnight: Special Mission for Borden due

Th Mar 10                    Borden 33-61 and Rickword, “Moonrise Over Battlefield” (K 220)

Week 10

T Mar 15                      Borden 63-90                                       

Th Mar 17                    Borden 91-112

Week 11

T Mar 22                      Poetry by non-combatants: Hardy, “On the Belgian Expatriation” (K 6-7), “I Looked Up from My Writing” (K 10-11); Kipling, “For All We Have and Are” (K 25-26), “My Boy Jack” (K 29), “Justice” (K 39-40); Binyon, “For the Fallen” (K 43-44); Mew, “May, 1915” (K 46), “The Cenotaph” (K 46-47); Service, “Tipperary Days” (K 48-50), “Tri-Colour” (K 52-53); Gibson, “The Messages” (K 64-65), “Breakfast” (K 65), “Between the Lines” (K 66-70), “Air-Raid” (K 73-74); Cannan, “August 1914” (K 179), “For a Girl” (K 184-85)        

Th Mar 24                    Poetry by combatants: Brooke, “1914” (K 104-106); Rosenberg, “Break of Day in the Trenches” (K 137-38), “Louse Hunting” (K 138-39), “Returning, we hear the larks” (K 139-140), “Dead Man’s Dump” (K 140-42); Gurney, “To the Prussians of England” (K 121), “First Time In” (K 123-124), “The Stokes Gunners” (K 127); Graves, “A Dead Boche” (K 194), “A Child’s Nightmare” (K 195-97); Jones, “from In Parenthesis” (K 201-206); Blunden, “1916 Seen from 1921” (K 209-10)

Sunday, March 27 by midnight: Special Mission for Daly due

Week 12

T Mar 29                      Daly, Not Only War, chapters I-IX (1-38); Borden essay due by midnight

                                    Recommended: explore photos of African American soldiers at the LOC and here.

Th Mar 31                    Daly chapters X-XV (38-70)

Week 13

T Apr 5                        Bennett, “Wedding Day” (T 141-47); Miller, “Stragglers in the Dust” (pdf); Special Mission for Porter due by midnight

Th Apr 7                      Porter, “Pale Horse, Pale Rider” (pdf—follow printed page #s: 281-304 mid-page break) and Pandemic Then and Now; view map

Week 14

T Apr 12                      Porter (mid-page 304-330); Daly essay due by midnight       

Th Apr 14                    Owen, all selections (K 150-74)

Week 15

T Apr 19                      Owen and wrap-up

Th Apr 21                    EL Kemp Symposium; class will not meet; Porter essay due by midnight

Poetry essay due by midnight Saturday, April 23

FINALS WEEK         

Both sections of LGW may use the later date for the course as a hard deadline to submit take-home finals: Thursday, April 28, 6:00 p.m.