RQ Schedule

Alexis S Remarque chapters 6-8 Th Jan 20 T Jan 18
Jacob L.
Ella K.
Remarque chapters 9-12 T Jan 25Th Jan 20
Smith chapters I-III Th Jan 27T Jan 25
Nathalie N-L. Bella M.Smith chapters IV-VII T Feb 1Th Jan 27
Maddie B.
Ella K.
Smith chapters VIII-XII Th Feb 3T Feb 1
Sonia J.
Haley P.
Selected short storiesT Feb 8Th Feb 3
Daniella C-C. Katia S.Poetry of SassoonTh Feb 10T Feb 8
Bonnie A.
Molly G.
Hemingway Part I T Feb 15Th Feb 10
Terrencia J.
Grace S.
Hemingway Part II Th Feb 17T Feb 15
Tristan B.
Abby A.
Hemingway Part III T Feb 22Th Feb 17
Amanda R.
Riley S.
Hemingway Parts IV and VTh Feb 24T Feb 22
Brooke H.
Reece A.
Borden 33-61 Th Mar 10T Mar 8
Laura B.Borden 63-90T Mar 15Th Mar 10
Aidan S.
Emily K.
Borden 91-112Th Mar 17T Mar 15
Carleigh R. Marisol P.Poetry by non-combatantsT Mar 22Th Mar 17
Miranda C.
Jane H.
Poetry by combatantsTh Mar 24T Mar 22
Kimber F.  Daly chapters I-IX T Mar 29Th Mar 24
Alex W.Daly chapters X-XV Th Mar 31T Mar 29
Zuly C. A.Bennet and MillerT Apr 5Th Mar 31
Amanda S.
Megan H.
Porter, 281-304 Th Apr 7T Apr 5
Arden J.Porter, 304-endT Apr 12Th Apr 7