Chapter 6

Despite the unimaginable horrors of war being described in minute detail in this chapter, I felt this chapter was easier to read than others due to its story format. I could not take my eyes off of the book because the bombardment and attacks scenes were so well described. For example, “The front is a cage in which we must await fearfully may happen … Over us, Chance hovers… It is this Chance that makes us indifferent.  It is just a matter of chance that I am still alive.” (101). I just wanted to touch on the one part of this chapter that was the most powerful to me as I feel we overlooked it in class. This is the feeling of release that Paul and his company get when they are finally able to attack. Due to the long and grueling bombardment the german soldiers are driven insane. It’s sad to think anything could possibly make one want to take someone else’s life, but war has turned these men into “wild beasts” (113). The feeling of release is the most powerful part of this chapter to me because it truly illustrates just how horrible war really is. Men who previously had never killed before were suddenly driven to the point of insanity where killing other men was satisfying. Do you think anything other than war could drive someone else this insane into the point they turn into wild beasts?

16 thoughts on “Chapter 6

  1. I really like this chapter because in school you do not get to learn the emotional and psychological toll the soldiers had to endure during the war. This part of the book makes the war view as a more human perspective than a history story that we only learn the superficial aspect of the war of what countries won the victory in the war.

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